Afro Emotikon Volunteer unit was found as part of Amonravid micro film network, to reach out kids 3 - 18 years old teenagers on the use of colorful art to heal the world.

Our volunteer project is free to join to spread news of arts and culture among children and adults through creativity of coloring book,that are exceptional in filling the pencil work with paint,water color or poster color.

The volunteer project was founded to reach out people with color blindness  defection in their eyes either trichromacy ,dichromacy or monochromacy  that is color issue by 3,2,1.

We advocate use of Ishihara Plate for testing color blindness for the patients which are used to test for Green,Orange and Red cone pigments, we are looking for individual or group of person that can offer testing materials and also make coloring book available for the younger population.


The Afro Emotikon Volunteer program is open society initiative for any body to join as long as your vision and mission align with our SDG Sustainable Development Goal, advocating education and mass literacy through graphics arts that can increase knowledge base work in Africa among youths.

We take pleasure in volunteer works by painting emoji,emoticons and kaomoji in order to be happy with our environment and things around them because emojis makes our life better every while communicating online on constant bases with GSM chat messengers applications and editorial publication comments.


Afro Emotikon a hybrid organisation our volunteer services provide  literacy through art  illustration of with emoji graphics, can partner with Government parastatals, ministries ,Non- Governmental organisation NGO, Companies ,Labour Union, Trade Union, Business unit or individual to create a special day for coloring book with children and young adults.


We provide special packages for people that can gather a group of 10 or more  kids/teens 3-  18 years or other literacy group for children and friends /family to join together 

example Birthday (truncate-Diary) to contact us one of our excellent literacy mentor will be in touch, if demand for training is very high we will reach out and give free crayon by  Amonravid.

During the celebration of birthday,class promotion and graduation from creche,pre-nursery,nursery and primary school the painted work made from Afro Emotikon coloring book can be snap send to us to share the experience, so that we can track your activities and celebrate your effort by uploading it on social media for our partners around the globe to view.



Our special days powered by Truncate- Diary 

Crayon Day--  March 31st

Children's day-- May 27th

World Emoji Day-- July 17th

National Coloring Book Day (US)---August 2nd

Color Blindness day--September 6th


Companies we have served 







 To complete the volunteer information contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.