Afro Emotikon is alleviating racial diversification of emoji ,smiley ,stickers , kaomoji ,emoticons through selling patented fast moving consumer goods and fast moving electronics.

The solution identified is printing of emoji cups,key holders ,T-shirts, footwear , face-cap ,belt, mug, offering the for sell in retail shop show rooms and online shops.

 Solution for FMCG:

Heat Transfer machine

Sublimation machine


Emoji called smiley are used to leave notes and comments in blog and editorial publications,our stickers are used for chatting in chat bot and messengers making it available for Search Engine Optimization we offer various of services for bloggers,newspapers,magazines in print media.





 Thanks for this. This sounds like interesting venture.

if you release your work in open source, i think it will make a great story for our site.

Seth Kelon 4 July 2020 8:59 AM




Why not use filezila?  Wed,8 Jul, 11:35 Am Filezila Pro Team




That sounds Good to me. For me to start helping as i need you to register as Joomler

 Mon, 9/7/2020 2:55 PM Carlos Camara A11y 



Rick McGowan your feedback was reviewed during the executive  sub committee

 6 March 2015 22:24 PM



Dr. Roland Enmarch: 23 July 2020 10:35 AM

Egyptian civilization ended over 1500 Years ago.



 Ngozi Okonta CCHub Project Manager

28/7/2020 10:06 AM



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