Afro Emotikon  emoji coloring book is education regulated work book for kids and teens to use for painting,which helps them to learn webcomics as use of graphics to translate  messages and comments in online web application.

Coloring book is a learning technique where by students use crayon to fill pencil art work in drawing book, it is a wonderful material for early adopters to learn hieroglyphics as a communication skill.

The use of Afro Emotikon emoji color book will broaden children perception of comics exploring different context of development in emoji industries and their transnational connections in 21st century.

Painting with Afro Emotikon emoji color book as media memory and history graphics journalism in Africa and entire human race,it is part of e-learning activities because it has electronic version e-book copy and paperback copy.




Afro Emotikon Coloring Book is a product of ground breaking graphics works education is looking for Director, Owner, Educator, care givers;Home based, center base , public school,private school,social sector professional business / Philanthropic leader that will support public awareness effort on donating Color Book to children. Organizing and advocacy effort host a graphic emoji  virtual boot camp for kids and teens to attend upcoming community organized training to build communication skill with emoji for system change.



Afro Emotikon is working with various educational partners to make sure coloring book is affordable to kids in urban and rural communities in Africa.








Donate a copy today contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. available in electronic version eCopy we have subscription with Content Authenticity Initiative.