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Afro Emotikon is an emoticon called sticker,emoji,kaomoji or meme used in chat messengers , chat bot and to leave a comment in editorial publications and blognewspapers and magazines.

We use emoji as human even robots in chat bot call use smiley in chatting,every statement ,letter,words can start with emoticon or smiley and end with emoji or meme unlike our usually full stop,comma,quotation marks and semi-colon used in writing that was reason Afro Emotikon use emoji and smiles for SEO search engine optimization of our individual or group comment and chat to mapped out for search and rank them for research,education and other information needs example guest post.

Afro Emotikon use emoji, smiley, meme, sticker as UNicode symbol to fight and combat Fake News because information carried as fake news contains emoji or smiley,with our advanced technological solution we use it block messages and commentaries that are wrong information with tags and category arrangements.

Afro Emotikon has Afro Emotikon Learning because words are used in SEO to find meaning or information in search engine; Our learning center make use of Keywords to learn new things like Puzzle,Crossword its is a hybrid learning system that includes Arithmetic algorithms for Lowest Common Multiple LCM and Highest Common Factor HCF with use of alphanumerical code in ranking system of search engine.

In Afro Emotikon as a racial diverse emoji using native system of information gathering and processing the native African tattoo as tribal marks are  in our graphics as UX/UI in Artificial intelligence AI the mark in mouth are for voice search while the cheek has slashes representing ranking and categories.





Emotion and sound is Emotisound the voice frame work search engine use to translate input request for and output.


Animal Dog Sheep Snake
Sound Bark Baa Hiss


Ranking of search engine output uses 0-25 or 1-36 including 0-35 or 1-36 in ordering and hierarchy,that is gap in words and letters.


Leg Hen Goat Lion  Cat  Python Fish 
Gap 2 4 4 4 Non Non


English Alphabet  SEO 

A 1   14 N
B 2   15 O
C 3   16 P
D 4   17 Q
E 5   18 R
F 6   19 S
G 7   20 T
H 8   21 U
I 9   22 V
J 10   23 W
K 11   24 X
L 12   25 Y
M 13   26 Z

 13-13 CODE: Keyword; Bad Network=ONQ ARGJBEX

0 1 A B
2 3 C D
4 5 E F
6 7 G H
8 9 I J
10 11 K L
12 13 M N
14 15 O P
16 17 Q R
18 19 S T
20 21 U V
22 23 W X
24 25 Y Z


 Alphanumeric code: Keywords Pizza=OJYYB


1 A M 19
2 B N 20
3 CH N 21
4 D NW 22
5 E NY 23
6 F O 24
7 G O 25
8 GB P 26
9 GH R 27
10 GW S 28
11 H SH 29
12 I T 30
13 I U 31
14 J U 32
15 K V 33
16 KP W 34
17 KW Y 35
18 L Z 36


 18 IGBO Alphanumerical code from 36 Igbo alphabets.

Keywords not Passwords;









 Odds: The dots numbers are INOU=13,21,25,32



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